Twenty years ago, a brother sister team out of Brooklyn recognized a need to provide the world with access to clothing that speaks to self-style and the desire to express yourself and Swag Street Wear was born. Throughout the years, Hip Hop fashion has evolved into popular fashion and Hip Hop has infiltrated every corner of the world. Every race, creed and ethnicity can claim a place in Hip Hop culture. And we all rep hard! Throughout it's growth two things have remained unmatched, and that's attitude and flavor. You don’t need to know about the latest fabrics and cuts or what the trendiest most expensive labels are to be cool. You only need your authentic voice to express yourself.

            The owners and staff at Swag Street Wear have one goal.

We want to keep you fresh.


Fresh is unique.

Fresh is daring.

Fresh is confidence.

Fresh is bold.


             At Swag Street Wear we focus on urban brands that speak to streetwear culture and Hip Hop. A culture that, at its core is about being bold and unique. It's about being you. We started this streetwear brand because we know that the right fashion choices will elevate your personal brand. We believe that every customer has the potential to move the entire culture forward, simply by representing their individual style through fashion. We keep you fresh because we know that keeping you fresh gives you the confidence you need to change the world.